About us

16.4 million Trees are cut down in India for the cause of cremation per year and the number is increasing

1.6 lac tonnes of cow dung is wasted and thrown into rivers every day causing water pollution

We believe adopting sustainability as a practice is the most effective way to bring about a positive impact on the environment and society.

We have innovatively implemented our philosophy in transforming cow dung waste into products.

Through our endeavor, we are blending our cultural and traditional practices with the concept of sustainability.

With ARTH, we are enhancing the very meaning of our culture.



  • We believe sustainability is the key to our future.
  • Arth aims at bringing a positive impact on our environment through thoughtfully transforming cow-dung waste products.
  • Our products aim to mitigate the adverse impact of consumerism on the environment like deforestation, Global warming, and soil and water pollution by reusing cow dung as a replacement for wood, soil, and chemicals used to make various products.



  • Our initiative broadly aims on making Gaushalas self-sustainable by providing them with a business model which revolves around the transformation of waste into wealth. Empathy towards any living being is the basic human trait that we lack practice in our busy lives.
  • By supporting Arth you are becoming a part of the campaign which aims at alleviating the current pathetic conditions of Gaushalas.
  • We also aim at women empowerment by partnering with rural women artisans in the production of our products like Arth logs,Diyas etc.


What We Do

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Prevention of 200 trees

Expanding to 10+ new cities by Aug’20

Proper utilization of cow dung waste

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