• 520 million Kgs cow dung are produced every year in India.
  • 35% of it is disposed off unhygienically,clogging drains & polluting groundwater.
  • 65% of it is dumped into heaps, decomposing anaerobically and emitting greenhouse gases
  • What are you doing with the cow-dungs produced at your Gaushala?
  • Ever thought of some alternative way to manage them?
  • Want to use the cow-dungs for some pious use,& also earn from it?

ARTH's Gaushala Model

We set up a fully equipped hub at Gaushala’s premises and expertise in providing assistance and training for the production of the ARTH logs.

We ensure demand for the produce and connect the Gaushalas with different sales channels, thus ensuring continuous generation of revenue for the Gaushala.

This generates employment and ensures regular source of high income for gaushala and their workers.

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