If you too are unhappy with the current scenario and want to be part of the change, Partner with us:


We aim at providing an eco-friendly fuel for Hindu cremations across India. We seek your support to expand and replicate our model in different states and cities. 

More than 16 million trees are cut down annually for the purpose of cremations.

Partner with us to make this movement a revolution, thereby saving 2 trees on every cremation that is done with our logs

Role: To generate awareness for our product,connect us with more Gaushaalas, crematoriums and funeral service providers.


We work with corporates that want to make an impact and help increase their corporate social responsibility(CSR) initiatives.

Corporates love and trust Arth because of the impact it creates.

Arth aims at reducing deforestation and implementing effective waste management with support from corporates.


Role – To help in overlooking the operations in the city and organizing events/summits for awareness. 

           Volunteer certificate will be issued by IIT Delhi.